Fabs and Factory 



我們提供的解決方案"Eztracker".提供獨家高效能軟件演算法的室內定位技術,可透過智慧型手錶"Eztracker Client" 搭配低功率藍芽定位裝置, 即時彙整相關數據到電腦端"Eztracker Console",可用於晶圓廠作人員現場追蹤,針對特定區域做人員出入限制,及基本生理狀況回報


Our solution "Eztracker". Provide exclusive high performance algorithm for indoor location calculation.The smartwatch ,"Eztracker Client",  associate with Bluetooth Low Energy devices, and report data to PC ,"Eztracker Console". Fabs can use it to report staff field status, restrict area management, and basic physical status report.














O2O for food Store





We provide a cloud based solution to increase the sales of traditional food store. Our service connect the consumer and food store. The consumer can be more convenient to get the delicious food , and store holder can have better operation on human resource usability and production. 














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