Sleeker Software



What is it ?

CastToPC quickly cast and mirror  your Android device screen to PC  

By using CastToPC, you can...
 Present slides by your Android phone in your classroom or meeting room  (No need cast from a laptop) !       Show On-line mobile Game to your friends!   
 Share video, or any app content to others instantly (No document copy, don't worry about information leakage)!








Where to Get  ?


Download "Castopc" from Google Play Store


​Download "Casttopc Receiver" for Windows PC from [THIS LINK]


How to USE  ?

Before start:
 1.Make sure your Android device and PC in the same Wifi network.
 2. Download Casttopc_Receiver(This Link) to your PC , and unzip it .(The PC need Java environment)
Steps to use:
 Step1, Run CastToPC_receiver.exe (in unzipped folder /CastToPC_Receiver) on your PC. (If no Java environment in your system, please install it)
 Step2, Run CastToPC on Android device ,click the only one "On/Off" button ,then match the target PC and choose your preference of visual quality.
 Step3, Enjoy it !

 If your using scenario is to video playback mostly, please choose middle/high PC system platform.